ASIATOUCH 98" Interactive Flat Panel
An Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) can be a valuable tool in a smart classroom. With its large touch-screen display, an IFP can be used to present multimedia content, annotate and collaborate on documents, conduct interactive lessons, and more.
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ASIATOUCH 98" Interactive Flat Panel

Zero gap bonding"technology,which eliminates visual bias caused by light refraction. Secure integrated design, aluminum alloy 16.8mm ultra-narrow bezel; front pen storage slot on the face of the machine, easy to place pens.

Android module: built-in flagship high configuration Android operating system, 4KUI point-to-point display, More delicate images; support 8K video decoding, more suitable for remote ultra-clear video conferencing; WiFi and hot spot coexistence; blue light reductionfunction ,.eye protection.

The whole machine is designed with removable multimedia terminal mounting slot, supporting Android and PC OPS module, no external connection cable, easy maintenance; Intelligent identification of signal sources: the device automatically switches to the channel when signal input; USB3.0, ultra-high definition camera, transmission without delay; front USB3.0 can follow automatically under OPS or Android channel. HDMI2.0 out 4Kpoint-to-point output under any channel; Free to set the boot channel; After opening USBpermission, lock the USB port, when inserting the U disk, you need to entering the password to open the USB drive.

Black screen energy-saving function: the LCD backlight can be turned off with one keywithout turning off the power of the whole machine, it can save above 80%of power consumption of the whole machine. Support screen projection of all systems of mobile phone, PC, tablet , you can project the screen of mobile phone, PC, tablet screen to the big screen in real time through the software, support the maximum nine split screen, support extended desktop function, support the ppt speaker mode.

Screen down: slide three fingers down in the channel screen to move the channel screendown a certain height, the content of the channel screen remains normal touch when the screen is moved down

Interactive Touch Display

Zero Bonding Features

Groundbreaking Zero Bonding

The Upgrade of the bonding technology makes the air gap between the covered glass and the LCD panel almost invisible to improve the overall performance of the display to another level, physically and technically.


Higher readability & smoother writing

Zero bonding technology brings us a higher-definition visual experience by reducing parallax and enhancing readability. In addition, high proximity between fingertip and writing trail makes writing smoother as natural as you are writing on the paper.

Five Core Features

Benifit of Android 11 System


Flagship system

Super CPU configuration; 1000M global Internet, support one LAN cable for dual internet access; full channel support Touch USB follow


Active "smart" pen

High quality, beautiful appearance intelligent pen, Shortcut key customization, multi-systemcompatibility, arbitrary switch, delicate writing, PPT presentation, mouse/laser red dot/magnifyingglass/spotlight intelligent motion sensing.


Multiple meetings

1000M network, video meeting fluent transmission; support 8K video decoding, make remote videomeeting easy and convenient; local meeting with comments and sharing, file content canbeautomatically classified.


Ultra - clear display

The 4K UI image shows the charm of feeling details. The handwriting is delicate, clear andnon-jagged.


Write at random

1mm high-precision touch; support 20-point touch, 3mm writing depth, double pen tip thickness recognition, writing with handwriting. Single-point writing supports two-point zoom-out, zoom-in, drag and switch freely.

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Description & Specification

Display Parameter
LCD Size 98inch
Panel purchase standard A Leve
Light source LED
Resolution 3840 x 2160pixels
Brightness 500cd/m²(typ.)
Contrast ration 1300:1(typ.)
Pixel pitch 0.5622 (W) x 0.5622(H)
Frequency 120Hz
Viewing Angle 178°(H)/178°(V)
Life span 30,000hrs(min.)
Response time 8ms
Color saturability 70%
Visual area 2158.848×1214.352 mm
Display Colors 1.06B
Android System Properties
CPU A73*4 + A53*4 (4 Core+4 Core)
GPU G52*8(8 Core)
Working frequency 2.2GHZ
Number of cores 8 Cores
Memory DDR4: 8GB/eMMC:128GB
System version Android11.0
Chip solution Amlogic A311D2
WiFi 2.4G/5G
Power PW.490W2.561
Voltage Rated AC 100-240V~Max 90-264V~50/60Hz
Max. power consumption ≤550W
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Speaker 2 x 15W(max)
Power supply (AC) input 100-240V
Power switch Rocker Switch

Dual System

Android and Windows dual system switching

Android 11.0

Windows 7/10/11

Dual OS Android + Windows for option
Win7, Win10, Win11 and Android systems
can be selected by you to meet your needs
Support multiple document formats
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature 20℃~60℃
Working humidity 10%~90% No condensation
Input Interface
RS232 1
TYPE-C 1(USB3.0)
Rj45 IN 1
DP 1
USB2.0 2
USB3.0 2
Output Interface
RJ45 OUT 1
Earphone/L ine-out 1
Coax OUT 1
USB USB2.0 x 2;USB3.0 x 2
LAN Interface 1
12V-18V 5A 60W
touch button Touch button + three status indicators
4800W With up to 48 million photo andvideopreviewfunctions, it can also support 1080P60frame
8 array microphones Pickup distance: 5-10 meters
Front Interface
USB3.0 3
Net weight 92±1kg
Gross weight 129±1kg
Bare dimension 2216.8*1347.9*105.7mm
Packing dimension 2525*435*1745mm(includingpallet)
Shell material Aluminum alloy frame, sheet metal back
Shell color Black
Width of frame(T/B/L/R) 33.2/67.2/16.8/16.8mm
VESA hole site 4-M8 Screw hole 1000*400mm
Touch parameter
Touch specifications Non-contact infrared sensing technology, support 20points writing
Glass 4MM, Physical tempered Mohs level 7
Glass transmittance >88%
Frame material Aluminum alloy frame,PCBA
Touch accuracy ≤1mm
Touch depth 3±0.5mm
Input mode Opaque object (finger, pen, etc)
Theoretical hits Same position 60 million times above
Light resistance Incandescent lamp (220V, 100W), withavertical distance of more than 350mmandsolar Illumination from sunlight up to 90,000 Lux
Power supply USB(USB power supply)
Supply voltage DC 5.0±5%
Remoter 1
Power cord 1(1.5M)
Dual-head stylus 1
Operation manual 1(A4 Folding)
Built-in E-manual 1
Battery 1(pair)
Interactive Touch Display

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  • The product pictures in this specification are for illustration only, the actual product effects (including but not limited to appearance, color, size) maybeslightly different, please refer to the actual product.
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Interactive Touch Display

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Corrugated Box

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Interactive Touch Display

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